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Decoding Placements

The word 'Placements' often arises a sense of fear among the undergrads and to help the students overcome this fear the Synergy Community decided to conduct a session named 'Decoding Placements'. In this session, various topics related to placements and interview rounds targeting jobs in the respective domain were conferred. They helped all the students by answering all their doubts about every topic. They taught them how to be better than all their peers. All the students had last-minute tips in their bags for upcoming placements which were provided by the panelists. These panelists were so insightful, witty, and accurate with their answers. We are sure that the guidance and insights that our speakers provided will immensely benefit our students and will help them to ace their job interviews. "You have no idea how high you can fly"— Keep going, and do enjoy the journey!

Duration: 1 Day Session

Gate - Speaker Session

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is basically a national examination on the comprehensive understanding of the candidates in various undergraduate subjects in Engineering.All students are generally puzzled about choosing between Gate and sitting for placements. Our speaker Jaydeep Pawar who has secured AIR 1 in Gate Examination this year, answered all the doubts of the students and guided them in the right direction. He highlighted some very impressive points stating why should one opt for a gate and stated various advantages of appearing for Gate. He also shared some top-notch tips and tricks that he used to ace this entrance test. He told the students the timeline for preparation and also the books and notes that he referred. His guidance helped the students and resolved all their conundrums regarding this exam.

Duration: 1 Day Session

All about Technical Paper Writing

"Technical papers add immense value to an engineer's portfolio and showcase thier research culture. It enhances one’s analytical and critical thinking capabilities. To give students perfect head start for writing a Technical Paper, Synergy had organised a webinar wherein all the important points on what, how and where to focus while writing a paper were discussed.The aftermath of publishing a paper was also conferred in brief. Students gained immense knowledge of writing a paper from this webinar."

Duration: 1 Day Session

Kickstart to Engineering

The first year of engineering - everything seems so mesmerising and yet so confusing. It can become difficult for the newbies to understand the journey of 4 years of engineering. So Synergy Community came up with a fun, exciting, 1 day webinar on Kickstart to Engineering - to help the newbies gain insight on their roadmap of four years. Common doubts regarding pointers, internships, extra-cirricular activities, time management were discussed. Furthermore, the ever-eager new entrants asked a variety of questions, thereby keeping the session lively and interactive. The students thoroughly enjoyed the webinar.

Duration: 1 day session

Resume Making Session

You are ready for your first internship/ job, but wait, you don't know how to convince that to your recruiter? Well, to answer that very question Synergy Community came up with its session which revolved around making good, professional and industry-specific resumes. Our mentors not only answered doubts personally but also gave personal feedbacks and guidelines to improve resumes uploaded by students. Many of them successfully secured internships later and Synergy Community couldn't be more proud.

Duration: 1 Day Session

Front End Web Development Course

The most easy and sought-after jobs in the tech industry are those of Web Development. But they don't come in easy. You need to have all your core concepts clear regarding web development, and what better to get into Web Development than starting from its Front-End. The topics covered in the course included: 1) HTML 2) CSS 3) JavaScript 4) Bootstrap 5) Chart.js 6) jQuery 7) JSON 8) Usage of templates and much more. The course received tremendous response and students were able to create some lovely Front-End projects.

Duration: 7 - Week Course

Git and GitHub Worshop

You have a job, you have a position of responsibility but wait! Do you know how to work in a team, and especially how to work with code and a team of developers? Well, that's where Version Control Systems come into the picture. Synergy Community believed that to a thorough knowledge of VCS will take a techie to places, and hence came up with a Git & GitHub Workshop.Synergy enabled students to remove the fear of VCS from their minds and concluded the session with a great response.

Duration: 1 Day Workshop

Data Structure Analysis

Say you want to develop applications to help solve real life problems through coding. But do you know what is the basic need for efficient coding? It is the knowledge of Data Structures. Data Structures are the lifeline of coding. Without profound knowledge of Data Structures, it would be very difficult to navigate your way through the tech world. Synergy Community realised its importance and decided to hold a two - day crash course on Data Structure Analysis. The session was designed so that even a beginner could attend with ease. Data Structures like Arrays, Linked lists, stack, trees and heaps were discussed. Each data structure was explained in detail with explanation of real life applications. The common viva, interview and practical questions were also shared with the students along with solutions.

Duration: 2-day crash course

Python Programming Course

Coding has become a prerequisite for every individual in this tech-savvy world and hence the SYNERGY COMMUNITY decided to acquaint the students with the world's most in-demand language-PYTHON.Python is easier to read and write than other programming languages. It also has a strong community around machine learning, data modeling, data analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI), with extensive resources and libraries built for these purposes. It is an open-sourced language, and in recent years has increased in popularity due to its use in data science.TEAM SYNERGY tried to make the students understand the concepts is an easy method and make it look like a piece of cake. The session was lively, with students responding well and it ended on a happy note.

Duration: 4 Week Crash Course

Journey Bachelor's To Masters

After completing Btech, there is always a question of What next?! Most of the students are in a dilemma and are unaware of the opportunities that lie ahead. With the help of the session, "Journey Bachelor's to Master's", Team Synergy tried to pave a path for the students for their upcoming future. The main objective of this session was to make the transition of the students from the Bachelor's to their Master's, rudimental. Various pointers for the GRE preparation, advice on how and which university to choose, how to build up an amazing portfolio, guidance on placement preparation, and many more hacks were shared with the students. The students came to know of innumerable new things that they were previously oblivious of. The session eventually ended on a positive note.

Duration: 1 day session

Competitive Programming and Hackathon Session

Learning coding is one thing, but understanding how to apply your coding is a different task altogether, but rather an important one. This is where CP and Hackathons come into picture as they help to enhance your current coding skills and develop logic for complex problem statements at the same time. So we decided to hold a speaker session which would help provide clarity to the competitive aspect of programming. The speakers for this one-day session were Mr. Kaustubh Damania, former Tech Head of CSI and Mihir Gada, co-founder of Synergy Community. They happily shared their experiences, provided tips to ace hackathons and CP and interacted with the students with great passion. The session was very interactive and lively, thanks to the active participation of the students.

Duration: 1 day session

Back End Web Development Course

Having already ventured into Web Development and successfully enabling students to create great Front-Ends for their website ideas, it was time we gave life to their ideas by adding in the backend required to make the websites fully functional. Python being the go-to language for the new-age developers, Synergy decided to teach Flask a light-weight Python based framework for the backend development. The course was well received by students and were successful in making a full fledge working website ready to be deployed.

Duration: 4 - Week Course